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Three-Pack: News, Gear, and How-To

July 31st, 2013 No Comments

We’ll close the week with one nibble each from three of our usual categories: interesting news, tutorials and how-tos, and gear and gadgets.  


If you’re an amateur you’re probably not a member of the AIPP.  Why not see how ‘the other half lives’?  Earlier today the AIPP reported on their just-finished Epson-Sponsored State Awards 2013 which ended after Victoria’s winners were announced.  A “total of 3383 prints [were] entered by 620 entrants” with only seven – one from each state – winning the overall ‘Professional Photographer of the Year” title.

Check out the winners on AIPP Epson Photographer of the Year Awards.  All the honoured photos, i.e. the best photographs of each category-winning photographer, are viewable but this may not be immediately evident.  Just click the state name in the top bar, e.g. here’s the page for NSW.  A mini-gallery of dozens of gorgeous photos, dimmed, will be displayed.  Hover/mouse-over on each to remove the dimming or click on a photo to view it in high-res.


You may have read about Socialmatic’s Polaroid-branded camera for the Instagram crowd.  It is so ‘Instagramy’ that the camera too is square!  The Polaroid name makes perfect sense because this camera will spit out printed photos.  Unlike those old Polaroids, this is a bona fide digital camera which will store your prints on a card, thus you get the best of both worlds.

Make it the best of three worlds: as a ‘connected’ camera, with WiFi and Bluetooth, you can instantly upload and share photographs too.

Several days back Photography Blog and and Digital Spy published details about this early 2014 release’s impressive features and specs and its price – and if the quality is any good, at that price this baby is gonna be a smash hit.


Earlier today Shutterbug published a highly-specific how-to by Clay Blackmore: Mastering the 3/4 Couples Pose.

Blackmore provides four tips that include a rather counter-intuitive launch-pad and a ‘couple shooting’ fundamental for the second step, ‘Lean In,’ though that is “never about pushing them together all at once,” he advises.  Other good advice includes shooting ‘classic’ before you get ‘creative’.

Check out the article for the rest of the tips in this brief how-to that is adorned with one or two couple photos whose subjects you may recognize.

The format of today’s post is mirrored on our sister site so if you like the topics but not the exact contents, head over to the other blog where something may strike your fancy.


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