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Barter, the Old Way, and Kodak, the Old Soldier

November 5th, 2012 No Comments

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Barter, the Old Way

“The old way of trading skills can still work,” a photographer has stated emphatically.  Barter?  For a photographer?  

Yes – that is exactly what Shantanu Starrick seems bent on proving as an itinerant photographer who does not pay for his room and board – not in money, that is, for Starrick pays in kind: photographs and videos.

In Pixel Trade: Photography for Trade, Chris Gampat interviews Starrick, who concentrates on photographing-documenting persons as purveyors of different “trades,” i.e. persons functioning as professionals.  In exchange for his photographs, he gets food, shelter, transport, . . . .  

Starrick says, “The initial conversations with these people often bring up concerns of cost. It always ends with them realizing how much time I have spent thinking this through, and they quickly agree that this project will be worth the trade.”  At the same time, he too is given the royal treatment – usually his hosts are “extremely generous” and he is “well fed.”(!)

Perchance one or two of our Australian readers have bumped into Starrick?  After all, he has had a pronounced swing through the country having started off in Melbourne.

I bet the barter idea behind Pixel Trade is giving a lot of photographers some good ideas.  I also bet it’s causing one fellow a lot of frustration: the taxman!


Kodak, the Old Soldier

Two months back, one of our posts was titled Kodak’s Suicide Run.  The questions about Kodak’s viability have not subsided.  “Can Kodak survive just with a successful restructuring/bankruptcy and without any major innovation/new products?” asks PhotoRumors but does not provide an optimistic prognosis.

Kodak has seen a two percent increase in its profitability but when you slash expenses like crazy, that’s not too hard.  Kodak’s portfolio of products and services lacks coherence, the company does not have “any major innovation/new products,” and it appears to be a rudderless ship.

Kodak is a gradually-disappearing once-global brand.

Perhaps PhotoRumors could have offered the following prognosis:– Kodak is not going to commit suicide nor is it going to die, yet the writing is on the wall.  Take it away General MacArthur: “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”


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