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Galleries: Stillness and Quietude; and Action and Movement

August 27th, 2013 No Comments
Leica compact cameras

Leica compact cameras (Photo credit: Nickolas Titkov)

Today we take a look at very ‘contrasty’ online galleries, two that are mostly action and movement; the other ‘composed’ of stillness and quietude – because it’s underwater!

Located in  in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cenote Angelita is an ‘underwater river.’  As oxymoronic and bizarre as that may sound, apparently there is such a thing.  DL Cade on PetaPixel has the explanation as to what an ‘underwater river’ is and how it comes about.  More pertinent to this blog, he also introduces the amazing photographs of Anatoly Beloshchin.

They’re among the weirdest yet coolest photos you’ll ever see because, though “You see banks, trees, mud and leaves strewn about in the same way you would at a normal river you might see flowing through the forest,” the photographs are clearly taken underwater – it’s a river beneath a river!

One or two of the photos are ‘positively’ unearthly – after all, you don’t expect to swim in scuba gear above what is clearly a river, do you?

Petapixel’s webpage also provides a short video of Beloshchin’s amazing excursion.

If your taste runs toward action and movement, head over to the Leica Blog and take your pick: Tobin Yelland’s photographs of skateboarders with an interview by Mark Whiteley or Robin Sinha’s photographs of Muay Thai Fighters accompanied by an interview.  Which do you like – the movement of a punch or the motion of a skateboarder?

Initial looks may deceive, however.  These two mini-galleries have something in common in that they capture and convey the essence of their subjects in private, personal moments: as carefree skateboarders and focussed practitioners.

 Both mini-galleries also take in what is part and parcel of their respective subjects’ surroundings and ways of life: would you believe that a skateboarder can get bloodied like a Muay Thai fighter?  And that in Thailand, the King is omnipresent and watches from everywhere, including from even above arena entrances?

As such, both mini-galleries are comprised of documentary images that would be of special interest to those who’re interested in skateboarding or martial arts.


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