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Michael Wolf and Tabitha Soren’s New Photo Galleries

May 17th, 2013 No Comments

We’ll close out the week by taking in two brand-new photo galleries that are as extremely different from one another as they are unusual.  Each should appeal to the artist in you. 

Michael Wolf’s ‘Density’

Hong Kong denizen Michael Wolf’s photographs are, apparently, abstract images of lines and strips and patterns, when seen from a distance.  Look closely, though, and you’ll find that they’re photographs of tall buildings and skyscrapers, shot closely

In an article published earlier today, Atlantic Cities accurately calls it “strange beauty:” The Strange Beauty of Density Taken to the Extreme.

Check out the spare, subdued vertical segments in pink and grey that appear at the top of the page and contrast with the bright and colourful chequered pattern – is that a part of a colour target card?!

You like spare and subdued?  Check out an even more spare and subdued pattern of speckled, silver-grey vertical bars – which happens to be another skyscraper.

The images resemble a “supermarket bar code” in the words of the artist and are “a kind of geometric art” according to the writer of the article, Emily Badger.

Whatever they are, they certainly have an unusual monotonic, hypnotic, aesthetic sensibility.  If you are in agreement, you can get these photos in a coffee table book, Architecture of Density.

Tabitha Soren and ‘Running’

California photographer Tabitha Soren has published a series of photos titled Running, Berkleyside reported yesterday.  But how to classify these extremely heterogeneous images? 

To begin with, Soren stumbled upon the idea of posing her subjects in running positions by happy chance.  She then decided to make a whole series out of the concept; however, the settings, moods, contexts, palettes – everything – is so different from image to image that the only unifying thread is a figure in motion – running.

The photograph that started it all is one of a strange old tree on a bright day with the accent of a man’s figure, while another taken on a misty evening is spooky, almost eerie, and yet a third of a man running on a highway in afternoon light strikes one as AP/Reuters stock photojournalism.  

Now navigate to Soren’s album and the very first photo is that of a woman kicking up her heels, shot through a misted and droplet-flecked windowpane – another mood, another palette!

A single unifying thread connects the infinite moods that course through Soren’s unusual work.  It’s a fascinating view.


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