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Thrilling Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)!

January 16th, 2013 1 Comment
Strathblane and Dumbrock Muir by kite aerial p...

Strathblane and Dumbrock Muir by kite aerial photography (KAP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“[T]he results can be pretty amazing in the right setting” is how DPSchool describes aerial photography by way of ‘unmanned’ kite.  Looking at said results, methinks the qualifier “in the right setting” is superfluous!

Consider this smashing shot of a brilliantly-lit and packed college football stadium.  The photo is an event with the red and green complementaries delighting the eye in their perfectly balanced hues.  Whether or not this is a crop circle, it makes for a startling contrast with the colourful college stadium, with its shades of dull brown and exclusively circular shapes.  

If you liked those two then here’s another monotone beaut in greyish browns, and here’s another green-and-red entry that’s more of a study in greens with red accents.

Such are the varied wonders of 61 Amazing Kite Aerial Photography Images, an unusual and interesting gallery virtual-curated by Darren Rowse.

Rowse doesn’t just take us on a tour of ‘amazing’ ‘images’, he provides some tips and introduces the reader to the tools of the trade, such as “purpose-built rigging” – probably useful if you’ve got your 5D Mk II a thousand feet above the earth.

Here are some of the most riveting images from the 61.

From the air, a car dealership looks like an orderly, even austere, columns of pegs but Stone Fishing in Maupiti is a visually-appealing, disorganized, splatter of shapes and colours.  

Turns out that diagonally bisected images with one subdued dappled triangle and crazy splashes of colour arouse and ‘turn on’ the eye.

If any photograph is the essence of KAP, of flying, this one’s it.  The tilt, the blur, the vertigo, the falcon – you could be airborne yourself.

From the air to the sea, and this photo of a sailboat is another winner.  The boat, with its myriad bright tints, pops out of the deep, dark water and grey skies.  The contrast, the elevation, the composition – they all work together in this shot.

This one wins the prize for the weirdest, wildest KAP image – courtesy of its subject!  Most artistic and aesthetic?  How about this lucky accident, as admitted by the photographer?  Or this one, a candidate for the abstract art prize?

We have to close out with this straightforward shot that is a bewitching view of what looks like a doll’s house town rising from the sea, crowned by a gigantic monastery and cathedral.


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