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A Special Gadget Wrap

August 19th, 2013 No Comments


Panasonic just keeps impressing and impressing either with sheer quality or with breakthroughs, and where the new Lumix DMC-FZ72 is concerned, it’s the latter.  You see, it has a 20-1200mm (35mm equivalent) zoom!  At 60x, Photography Blog says it’s “currently the longest in the industry.” With this kind of focal-length range, its aperture of F2.8 – 8.0 (W), F5.9 – 8.0 (T) shouldn’t be too surprising.

This bridge camera is a tad bigger than most and though the reviewer, Matt Grayson, says “it looks quite futuristic,” it’s not like anything out The Jetsons or Minority Report; however, it is “chunkier” than the norm with a really protruding grip.

The proof of the pudding is in the images and here the DMC-FZ72 more than holds its own.  Images at sub-400 ISOs are excellent and those between ISO 400-800 are perfectly good for online viewing.

Not a great value for money, this camera claims near-top ratings in ‘Features’ and ‘Ease-of-Use.’  A good choice, perhaps, for a bird watcher who’s new to photography?


Sometime back this month Shutterbug published quite a long article on lenes – over a dozen of them.  Actually this article is a preview of new lenses that have just made or will make their debut this year.  Jack Neubart covers all the major brands and every possible focal length from a 180-degree fisheye from Yasuhara Madoka to specialized lenses for astrophotography from Celestron, taking in exotica like a Rokinon Tilt-Shift lens along the way.

Most photogs will be interested in (relatively) prosaic offerings from Canon, Nikon, Tokina, and the usual suspects.

One of the highlights is Nikon’s “longest fixed focal length, FX-format AF-S lens,” an 800mm (F 5.6) monster with a teleconverter that brings the focal length up to 1000mm.  The price tag is a monster that matches the lens!  ‘Just folks’ photogs may be more interested in the Tamron and Sigma lenses with ‘just folks’ focal lengths and prices to match.


iPhone camera-lovers may have a MasterCard in their wallets but what they really want is another type of charge card: the punningly-named ‘ChargeCard.’

PhotoJojo explains, with the aid of a GIF, that this is actually a USB mobile-phone-charging cable that has the size and dimensions of a charge card.  The engagingly-written product page provides more details about this clever product which will ensure that you’re never stranded for juice if you’re near any USB outlet.


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