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Akvis, Fujifilm, Canon: Apps, Lenses, Allegations!

July 22nd, 2013 No Comments

A Revised App

Akvis have just released AirBrush v. 2.0.  If you’re a photographer, it allows you to play at being Cezanne or Gauguin.  

Available either as a standalone app or a plugin for Photoshop, AirBrush converts your plain jane photograph into an airbrushed painting with one click – choose one of the 55 presets and that’s it.  Or mess around with the effect settings.

The sample image on Photography Blog’s write-up indeed resembles a restrained expressionistic landscape.  You can also achieve a fine illustration effect, among others.

Photography Blog says that a “full-featured free evaluation download of AKVIS AirBrush v.2.0 is available at the Product Page.”

A New Lens

Fujifilm, capitalizing on its growing perception of being a big league camera-system maker, has been making lenses for a while.  The latest one is a prime pancake lens, the XF 27mm F2.8 (41mm equivalent).  This lens has just been reviewed by Mark Goldstein on Photography Blog.

Its design is based around five elements, including one aspheric, in four groups.  

Performance-wise it does extremely well where distortion and chromatic aberrations are concerned with edge sharpness being the only fly in the ointment.  An interesting quirk of this lens is that the aperture at which you can get the sharpest images is not two or three stops from wide open, but, all the way down at f/11.

Getting top marks in size and weight, Fujifilm’s XF 27mm F2.8 garners four out of five stars from Goldstein and Photography Blog.

A Fresh Allegation

In case you’ve been away from the rumour grapevine, Canon has lately been up to some mischief.  Rik Henderson on Pocket-lint puts it thus: “Canon allegedly testing 75-megapixel Pro DSLR camera.”  

Such a leap in resolution technology would put Canon squarely in competition with large format and digital back makers and separate itself from Nikon.

The piece also mentions giant advances in the rear LCD’s resolution and the frame rate.

The news of the monster MP number has been churning up the blogosphere for the past several hours; however, the sole source for all the hubbub seems to be one rumour published on Photography Bay by Eric Reagan.

That said, bookmakers are offering even odds that before 2014 closes, Canon will indeed announce such a camera.


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