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Oh, The Rugged Sea Life!

July 12th, 2013 No Comments

Today’s three-part post focusses on stories from the past day or two that have to do with being rugged, on ‘sea life’, and both


The Pentax K-30 is not an out-and-out competitor in the ‘tough camera’ category; rather, it is a small DSLR that is rugged and designed for extreme weather usage.  As it happens, Pentax’s very own Optio WG-2 is considered to be the best tough camera.

 Joe Farace has reviewed the K-30 on Shutterbug and found lots to enthuse about in this 16 MP APS-C camera.  For example, the autofocus is superfast, the image stabilization is first-rate, and it will work through a mountain rainstorm, thanks to its 81 seals and cold-resistant characteristics.

The K-30 is a DSLR that is not only hardy but is also inviting to novices: besides good old auto-exposure it has ‘Auto Picture Mode,’ turning it into a point-and-shoot, no matter the situation.  The newbie can rest assured that the camera will pick the right scene mode.

Read Farace’s review for the full lowdown on the camera that “has the persona of an entry-level digital SLR [but] is clearly much more than that.”


SeaLife, as one may infer from the name, makes cameras especially for the rigours and special circumstances of underwater photography and deep-sea diving.

A press release on Shutterbug states that their ReefMaster is a 9MP camera that is waterproof to a depth of 200 feet.  It has built-in colour correction for underwater shooting.

There is a dearth of professional independent reviews on the ReefMaster.  It seems to have a wart or two, such as an optional lens obscuring a part of the flash, but at its price-point it seems to be more than adequate for underwater snapshot photography.

Rugged And ‘SeaLife’

We’ll close by bringing together ruggedness and ‘sea life’ in a single story.

After three months at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, an Olympus Tough camera lived up to its name: it yielded a memory card with about 500 holiday photos.  That’s tough!

The brief story on ePHOTOzine relates that two Finnish divers who lost it were traced through Facebook after a German diver retrieved the camera.  It also has two photos of the Olympus Tough caked with sea-salt all round!  

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