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Sinar System from Switzerland and a Sony Award for an Aussie

November 28th, 2012 No Comments

Most beginners use compacts and APS-C, a few may use DSLRs.  Take a gander, then, at this camera from Sinar of SwitzerlandSinar’s lanTec was announced yesterday.  It is an ultra-high-end camera system for landscape and architectural photography and is the digital equivalent of ‘large format’ 8×10 cameras from the film days – its resolution goes all the way up to 80 megapixels.  

Such a ‘system’ allows a photographer to use a particular ‘digital back’ per his preference.  As for the camera, it incorporates tilt-shift for landscape photography and has built-in spirit levels.

Changing digital backs also changes the camera’s orientation, say from view camera to medium-format camera.  Sinar’s website shows the three digital backs they make for the lanTec.  Look at their eXact digital back.  You will notice, among other things, that it can be used with Mamiya and Hasselblad camera systems, has a top shutter-speed of 1/10000, has a huge sensor, and can take pictures with up to 192 megapixels.

Using large-format camera systems is an entirely different method of photography altogether; though that always was the case, it is even truer now in the days of digital.

We do not know which camera Aussie shooter Palani Mohan used but we do know that the award he won was from Sony.  Sony World Photography Awards is considered to be one of the more prestigious photo contests – given that the top prize is $25,000 plus Sony digital imaging/camera equipment, both of which are ceremoniously awarded at an annual awards gala at a posh hotel is held, it’s easy to see why SWPA has such cachet.

The winners for 2012 include some stunning images.  Mohan’s photograph is not shown among the winners because he won third place.  His award came in the Nature & Wildlife category.  His common-sense advice really stands out in this Digital Age, notably, “Try to keep true to photography as after all, you are a photographer not a digital artist.”

Ed Hetherington is also a Nature & Wildlife photographer but he managed to capture a few shots he wasn’t intending to.  You see, a lioness pinched Hetherington’s EOS 5D!  The story doesn’t tell us whether Hetherington thought all the unusual photos ‘snapped’ by the lioness, and also the ones he took of lioness-and-camera, were fair compensation for his busted 5D.


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