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Manufacturing Controversies in Pom-PomLand

August 21st, 2013 No Comments

Well, whaddaya know but a few persons Down Under have managed to cause a Photography Controversy in Pom-PomLand!

We almost always post a ‘Controversy of the Week’ on our professional and trade sister site but this is a light-hearted, mmph! type of controversy that is, perhaps, better suited to our retail site.

Surely it is common knowledge that animals too have, er, ‘private parts.’  Tourism Australia – not very smartly, it must be said – posted a picture on its Facebook page of a kangaroo in a reclining posture with his private parts pixelated.  The smart thing to do would have been to use another picture altogether but someone at Tourism Australia is evidently enamoured of the look pioneered and popularized by American news channels.

Next thing we know, this misjudgement blows up into a controversy – and who blew it up and where?  Why, those chaps Australia is playing the Ashes against in Pom-PomLand!

Daily Mail cried, “Australian Tourism staff cause outrage after posting censored picture of kangaroo.”  The Mirror cried, “Kangaroo Facebook picture sparks censorship outrage after Tourism Australia pixelates out animal’s genitals.”  Yahoo News UK cried, “Australia tourism bosses cause outrage by censoring ‘full frontal’ kangaroo Facebook pic.”  (Emphases added.)  

‘Outrage’?  ‘Censored’?  Note that all three media sources use these words.  Shouldn’t responsible media be talking about ‘outrage’ at ‘censorship’ of free speech in almost every country of the world, as speech limitations accrete and accrete and free speech rights erode and erode?

There was and is nothing controversial about the photo, there’s no ‘censorship’ and no ‘outrage’ – Pom-PomLand’s media have misrepresented jokey and mischievous comments, plus some put-downs, on the Facebook page as ‘outrage’ and pixelation as ‘censorship.’  This is actually an interesting example of how a perfectly non-controversial but ill-judged image can be blown up into a controversy by those who want it to become one – this is a manufactured, fabricated, controversy.

A good theory is that they’re just wanting to rub Aussie noses in it after the ongoing debacle in the Ashes.  It’s a hundred-to-one they wouldn’t be acting this way if Lillee and Thommo had still been around . . . they’d have had other things on their collective mind.


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