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“A Buzzard Took a Monkey for a Ride in the Air . . .”

English: Image of the front door of Number 10 ...

English: Image of the front door of Number 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The week is closed out with a laugh and a chirp (or a howl) as our semi-weekly look at unusual and weird Photography News for today has humour and wildlife flavours.  All this from the past 24 hours!

The ‘Bunny’ Premier

British Premier David Cameron hosted a rugby team at 10 Downing Street.  One of the players’ way of saying ‘thank you’ was to give Cameron ‘bunny ears’ on the official photo!  He subsequently apologized, as SkySports reported with a reprint of the gone-viral photo.

Cameron was sporting enough to say ‘no harm done,’ reports This is Leicester.  This is not the kind of tomfoolery one can recommend; that said, one can’t deny that it elicits a chuckle!

Penguins = Funny – Yep!

Combining both funny (as in cute) and wildlife is a new book that reveals the ‘real world’ of penguins, whatever that might be.  All we get is one photo on the webpage but the post is worth a read.

Photographer Tui De Roy tells us that “Cartoons are very funny but real penguins are funnier . . .”

Who would have guessed?!

Wolves = Funny – Wot?

Who woulda thot it?  The answer is ‘Yes!’ if a video is to be believed.

HuffPost has a story about photographer Monty Sloan setting out to take videos of wolves.  It was not remotely scary as the funny critters fell in love with him and mobbed him!

This encounter must have been on one of those (not-so) wild animal parks but, still, this is cool!

Who was the Hero?

Before he became a ‘King’ and sang about falling leaves and fallen blossoms, the incomparable Nat Cole sang a song about a buzzard who took a monkey for a ride in the air (and, no, the monkey did not ‘fall’).  Now here’s a tale about a buzzard who took a camera for a ride in the air—

What Digital Camera brings us the ‘tall tale.’  Briefly, someone strapped a GoPro Hero with video-recording turned on on an eagle’s back and posted the (exciting) video online!  (Judging from the video, the eagle straightened up and flew right on its heroic flight.)

Tell me, who was the ‘Hero’ – the GoPro or the eagle?


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