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A Charming Gallery and a Funny Article

June 19th, 2013 No Comments

Our last post of the week is a roundup of interesting, unusual, odd Photography News that’s off the beaten path.

A Gallery of Ghost Towns

Like, for instance, the photographic calling of Fargo residents Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp.  They document North Dakota’s ghost towns; indeed, they have already published a photo book titled Ghosts of North Dakota: North Dakota’s Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places.

John Lamb’s story of these two photographers’ endeavours on InForum is a very interesting read.  Their photographs are equally interesting, if not more so.

Larson and Hinnenkamp’s website is packed with photos that have a charm all their own, including a startling one of an old small church standing all by itself in the middle of a vast prairie.  These wonderful images document derelict burnt-out factories, abandoned properties, and the repossession of houses . . . by Mother Nature.

You’re an ‘Award-Winning Photographer’

Are you an ‘award-winning photographer’?  If your answer is ‘no’, you’re wrong!  You are an ‘award-winning photographer’ (and so am I).  You just don’t know it.

Cheri Frost explains in her aptly-titled article, I’m an Award-Winning Photographer, that photography competitions and contests have become so commonplace that anyone can (and does) win some or another kind of award.  That’s the reason behind the recent proliferation of ‘award-winning photographers’.

Frost’s article is funny and irreverent but there’s a subtext, if you want.  That subtext is about the cheapening and commercialization of photographic recognition.  It would make for a good op-ed.

Just don’t assume that the ‘award-winning photographer’ you’re talking to at some convention is the recipient of a phony award – because, like Frost, you just might run into the genuine article who has won a real photography award . . . such as the Pulitzer Prize.

Two Heads are Better than One

We’re doubling up on humour today.

Seen the original Doctor Doolittle, the one with Rex Harrison?  If so, you’ll remember a two-headed llama.  Debbie Bice probably took inspiration from that in bringing us this two-headed donkey!  What’s more, she did not use any kind of image manipulation, relying only on ‘perspective’.

Will cute two-headed beasties be the next photo-mania to sweep Cyberspace?


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