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A Medley of Photos from the Past 24 Hours!

April 1st, 2013 No Comments

Easter Traditions

One holiday, so many traditions.  Contrasting photographs in the Baltimore Sun Darkroom show that Easter, associated with eggs and bunnies in the West, means something rather different in Eastern Europe.  It is more traditional, religious, and even ‘pre-religious’ – a pagan rite of splashing cold water on women is alive and well in Slovakia.  

Wouldn’t photographs illustrating “Easter Traditions Around the World” make for a wonderful coffee table picture book?

‘Aurora Meteoris’

Was it dumb luck that led to Shannon Bileski capturing a once-in-a-lifetime image of a meteor streaking through the Aurora Borealis?  Nope.  According to PetaPixel, though there was an element of luck, Bileski evinced a real dedication and commitment to what she had set out to do: “. . . at 11:10pm just as everyone else was packing up their camera gear, the green glow in the sky intensified. Bileski began snapping some shots with her Nikon D800 and . . . suddenly” . . . it happened!  

The story’s an object lesson for aspiring newbies; as for Bileski, she deserved her ‘luck’.

Canine Connection

Daily Mail has published a fun gallery of (what look like) time-lapse composites of canines spry and limber.  The photographer in question, Rhian White, surely needs to be an expert in, besides photography, dogs and Photoshop!

Many of the images, such as this one of a Jack Russell terrier, are pretty sequential action shots.  However, a few are quite artistic, none more so than this beautifully conceived and composed creation that could adorn many a hallway.

‘Engagement Photography’

That’s Wedding Photography’s bridesmaid.  And who cares about bridesmaids when you, the photographer, have got the bride, i.e. the wedding, to worry about?  Laura Babb thinks otherwise, she suggests that pros ought to offer an ‘engagement shoot’ and explains why.  

It seems like a good idea, for such a session would be a professionally-photographed record of one of the last few days that the carefree loving twosome were just that and not a Mr. and Mrs. with responsibilities.


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