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A Mixed Bag of Breaking News

April 18th, 2013 No Comments
English: Diagram comparing image sensor format...

English: Diagram comparing image sensor formats as used in digital cameras. For the sensor formats commonly used in DSLRs, the sensors are shown in comparison to the so-called “35 mm full frame” size. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since we had a mixed bag of diverse news.  Today’s the perfect day for it as in the past 24 hours we’ve heard about a technological leap, a specialized sub-genre, and an artistic and imaginative concept.

The Technological Leap: Aptina’s Sensor

Aptina’s new sensor is sized one inch, has 14 megapixels, and is a CMOS type.  Ho-hum?  No: because it will ‘crank in’ “4K Ultra HD video at 60fps,” reports PhotographyBlog.  If you’re content with regulation 1080p Full HD then this sensor will blaze along at 120fps.

 Aptina says that this new sensor, the AR1411HS, also offers excellent still image quality.  However, the secret is that this “1-inch sensor effectively bridges the performance and price gap between the smaller 1/2.3-inch sensors commonly used in compact digital still cameras and the larger APS-C and full-frame sensors that are used in DSLR cameras,” even as it delivers high-end video performance.

It’s a statement of intent from Aptina that should have other makers of sensors, particularly Canon, looking over their shoulders.

Specialized Sub-Genre: Insects in Flight

Linden Gledhill “didn’t have the engineering and electrical know-how to create a homebrew trigger system,” yet he managed to “built a handheld integrated high speed insect rig” that takes laser-beam tripped photographs of insects in flight!  

That sounds pretty darn impressive to do without a goodly bit of technical “know-how.”  Is PetaPixel trying to confuse us or are its standards insanely high?

Whichever it is, Gledhill’s photographs speak for themselves – they verily ‘fly’!  Leaving the technical complexities aside and looking at the photographs qua photographs, some are actually truly aesthetic, such as the one of the bee about to descend on a blossom and the one of two amber insects against a pink floral background, while one or two are simply delightful.  No wonder these images are generating so much . . . ‘buzz’! 

New Concept: Imaginative Hard-Copy Media 

Digital cameras have made film cameras nearly obsolete but they’ve also made prints nearly obsolete as the vast majority of images are shared and viewed digitally with a tiny proportion making the transition to a hard copy.

In fact, the technological advancement of digital perhaps ought to have had a parallel advancement in the way in which photographs are printed, viewed, and displayed.  And such an ‘advance’ of a kind does exist!  

From Fleeting to Forever is an e-book and website that is filled to the gills with imaginative and creative methods to ‘print’ your photographs, reports PhotographyBlog.


3D Prints, composite photo frames, bamboo backing, and in-glass images are some of the hip new ways of preserving and displaying your photographic memories.  None of this should suggest that high-quality printing on fine paper is passe´; it just gives you options – say, a lucite slab for the office cubicle, a monotone bamboo print for the den, and a composite family photo frame for the grandparents.



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