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‘Flipping’ us ‘Out’: PetaPixel Pulls a Hat-trick

April 22nd, 2013 No Comments

We’ll start off the week with our weekly ‘whacky’ news roundup because there’s been so much of it, none more ‘whacky’ than—


In one or two B-Grade Hollywood movies, the hero or heroine gets a fresh lease on life when a lucky charm amulet or medallion they’re wearing deflects a bullet that would otherwise have shattered his/her breastbone.

Real life ain’t as (melo)dramatic as Hollywood but it can be funnier: PetaPixel reports (and links to a video) on how an iPad saved its photographer-owner from getting a ‘whack’ on the noggin from . . . a softball!  (Well, Hollywood also did The Three Stooges shorts.)

The man was taking photographs with his iPad when the (near-)‘whack’ happened, and after his trusty Apple device did double duty as a shield, he just resumed taking photos with it!  This is one ‘Apple’ that sure kept the doctor away!

“Strange obsession”

That’s what Chris A. Hughes himself calls his hobby but he’s being a bit hard on himself.  He searches out vintage cameras with film inside them, which he then has developed.  

The sample photographs, published by PetaPixel, show that Hughes is preserving other, unknown people’s memories which range from historic and of public interest to very personal, from humourous to sentimental.  He’s a ‘memories salvager’!

The images include those of a space capsule, vacationing children, and a truly fine portrait that would have had the self-styled cognoscenti ‘aah’ing over it if it had been taken by a big-name photographer.  You can see more of Hughes’s finds at the Found Film website.

Whacky and Strange . . .

. . . is what Jeff Cremer has a yen for and he travels to rainforests to photograph it.

A picture story on PetaPixel introduces us to Cremer’s “rare, interesting, and bizarre” images.  However, if you’re one of the “tens of thousands” of persons who ‘liked’ one of his astonishing images of an intricate and delicate lattice-like cocoon on Facebook, this item is old news to you!  If not, don’t miss the story.

 PetaPixel also goes into how Cremer’s photos tend to go viral but if you capture such little-seen and astonishing critters in the wild, the ‘viral-ing’ is going to be pretty much automatic.

Congratulations to PetaPixel for today’s hat-trick; it too seems to specialize in ‘flipping’ us ‘out’ . . .


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