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Funny and Comical, Bunny and Animal

June 25th, 2013 No Comments

We get our weekly-three pack of interesting Photography News underway with the fad du jour . . . 

Funny and Comical, Bunny and Animal

If you’re under the impression that the ‘Funny Animal’ fad sweeping Instagram and the Twitterverse is a recent phenomenon, think again.  Your great-grandparents were doing it, baby!

Earlier today ITV published a picture story, Newspaper archives reveal amusing pictures of animals shared since 1900s – and they’re showing us several actual newspaper images from the 1900s!

You can see a chimp dressed up like a toff (with top hat to boot) or you can see four chimps without any dressing up but having tea . . . like you and me!

A cat dressed up like a right royal lady is much more fortunate than a poor small dog forced into . . . a clown’s suit!  

Credit the British Newspaper Archive for the, er, ‘donkey work’ behind this effort.  

‘Underwater Waves’

Mark Tipple has an unusual photographic calling.  He focusses “on the aesthetic of the waves from below or the body language of the people evading them,” reports Wired in Crash Into Me.  The very first photograph in the 15-image album, snapped serendipitously, is the one that started it all for Tipple.

Though the first one was serendipitous, the photographer clearly has both, gobs of skill and gobs of guts to photograph what looks like an underwater explosion (descending on a diver).  

Another image is pure abstract art comprising of big daubs of white plus fine brushstrokes in various shades of green.

Shooting up into the sun, Tipple has managed to create a reverse whirlpool effect in a cool blue image.

Without the cue of the diver, at first glance would you not have thought that this photograph was one of a grim, moody sky?  As it is, Tipple has captured oceanic storm clouds, as it were.

This is Underwater Photography like you’ve never seen it before.

Doing it with Light

We’ll close on a ‘light’ note with Darren Pearson.  PetaPixel has published a gallery of his ‘light paintings’.

Light Painting is another burgeoning trend; however, it is not a fad but a photographic niche.  As such, there are many styles and techniques here.

Pearson actually makes drawings or sketches with light-sticks, usually humourous ones, in just the right settings.  

Shouldn’t this particular style of ‘Light Painting’ more accurately be called ‘Light Drawing’ or ‘Light Sketching’?  Check out the gallery and see if you agree.


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