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Have you Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’?

November 21st, 2012 No Comments

Have you lost that lovin’ feelin’?  Are you stagnating and getting into a rut doing the same ol’ same ol’?  Here’s an unknown name on an unknown website to the rescue, and props to them: Simon Bray and  Though Bray’s article is titled Ten Cheap Ways to Grow as a Photographer, this very helpful and insightful guide will be a boon to those who are trying to keep the flame alive.

The first suggestion, ‘Try Something New’, is the obvious one that has to open the list.  Bray’s guide pays off from the very second tip, ‘Try a New Lens for a Day.’  He writes “The most unattainable lenses for photographers on a budget will be the wide aperture telephoto lenses” but you could just as well spend a day with a super wideangle ‘fisheye’.  Either will allow you to ‘see’ in a way that you had not been able to until you give this tip a shot.

Though Bray doesn’t properly flesh out his exciting exhortation ‘Undertake a Photography Project’, this one’s a top tip.  A photography project can have to do with photographing architecture and landscapes using filters, night photography, ‘street shooting’, silhouettes, close-up and macro compositions . . . once you get ‘stuck in’ a project, it will take on a life of its own. 

In ‘Book in a Day Trip!’ Bray advises you to spend a day in a nearby town.  Or village.  Or wilderness.  If you’re a meat-and-potatoes wedding photographer or jaded commercial-shoots specialist, the experience may well jolt you into a new direction and a fresh bout of creativity.

Bray says, “My photography mentors have always said, if you’re not out shooting images, you should be looking at them,” in his tip ‘Go to Exhibits and Galleries.’  A photographic exhibition can both inspire you and spur you on.  You may begin to think, “How did he do that?” and try to figure it out for yourself.  What better way to learn something new and develop your technique?  (Photo exhibitions have been covered in this blog and also on its sister blog.)

This list offers many more helpful tips.  Check it out, try out some of the suggestions, and you may just get back that lovin’ feelin’.


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