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How to hang your canvas print

October 9th, 2010 No Comments

Hanging a canvas print in an effective way seems like a daunting task. How do you know the pictures will work together? How do you know where to place them? In this article, we are going to cover the basics of hanging a print and making it an effective part of a room.

What you will need?

Spirit Level, Drill, Painting hook, A good eye.

Stick-on painting hooks or screw-in?

Your classic painting hook is usually the best choice for hanging your canvas print. It fits easily into the wall, and provides a stable foundation to allow your print to sit evenly against the wall. 

Stick-on painting hooks can be obtained from most newsagent, art retailers or hardware’s. By using them you can avoid the need to mark or damage your wall through drilling. It is important to carefully follow the instructions given on the packet for preparing your surface – otherwise the hook could detach. 

Preparing the wall.

Mark the wall where you want to hang the canvas print. The mark should be at the point where the centre of the picture will be, and 25% of the length of the picture down from the top.

Hanging the Canvas Print

Drill a hole in the wall at the point you marked that is about three quarters the length of the screw part of the hook and a little thinner than the screw. Screw the hook in fully, and hang the picture.

Essential Advice and Basic rules

  1. Prints should be hung at eye level. A commonly accepted standard in galleries and industry is 160cm.
  2. When hanging a series of pieces that are the same size, mark the wall first with a light pencil using a spirit level as your guide. Keep to that line.
  3. Don’t put a small canvas print on a big wall and visa versa,
  4. Use White Space Effectively – Don’t be afraid of trying more space between pictures than you first think. Using white space well is a great way to focus your audience’s attention on your piece.

Hanging pictures effectively.

When grouping prints they should have a common theme. It could be subject matter, the artist, or just the colours. Having a common theme helps the pieces complement each other. Consider the space that the pictures are going in and try and bear in mind the colours of the room to make sure the pictures will fit. When arranging the pieces on a wall, using a grid will make it seem formal, which would suit an art-specific room. 

Using a square or rectangle as a base in which to put your pictures will give it a casual feel, which is more suited to homes.

A final word.

Now you know the rules remember you can break them. If your canvas print doesn’t look good at eye level, shift it by a few inches, we are a lot better at judging things than we think, if something isn’t right you will notice. When you’ve found the right place to hang it, you will know.

A picture is a great way to brighten a room and change its feel. Remember pictures are there to be enjoyed so you should display them in the best light you can. A little preplanning and thought can make all the difference and make your pictures look great.

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