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Of Humour, Ants, and That ’Orrible ‘Glamour-Dimmer’

July 30th, 2013 No Comments

A Myrmecologist’s Gallery

DPReview writes that ant fights include “brutal take-downs that rival UFC brawls.”  Poetic flight of fancy, straightforward facts, or something in-between?  Look at this photo and you will be able to make a quick and correct decision.

DPReview’s very specialized story on ant Macro Photography is about the strange passion of Alex Wild who seems to have photographed ants in many parts of the world and seems to know a lot about their loves and lives to the extent that his website has a special section devoted to ‘Ants Fighting’ and has a top-level heading, ‘Ants’ where you’ll find out that, besides being a photographer, Wild is also a ‘Myrmecologist’!

All that explained, most any photographer interested in Macro Photography will be blown away by Wild’s photographs of insect warfare. 

A Humourist’s Gallery

How would you like to tickle a brown bear under the ‘armpits’ and make it howl with pleasure?  At least that’s what someone in a photo by camera-toting funnyman Zack Seckler seems to be doing – and to a wall-mounted stuffed animal, at that!

If that joke is a little too ‘hairy’ for you, how about a lion patiently waiting at a deer crossing?

PetaPixel has just run a story on Seckler’s photographic pranks and visual puns.  There is no doubting his imagination and his technical skills to execute his vision with a camera.  Seckler’s website has a whole section under the heading ‘Humor’ that’s loaded with whimsies galore.  

Seckler’s humour and artistry combined and found a high point in a marvellous photograph of some type of monkey or lemur in a barren, dead tree in a desert!

Any photographer who feels jaded and needs a ‘shot’ of inspiration might want to pay a visit to Seckler’s online gallery.

A Celebrity Passport-Picture Gallery

Okay, let’s double up on humour, shall we?

Sarah Gilbert and The Guardian are surely severely starstruck: this oh-so serious, snooty and high-minded newspaper says that celebrities’ “true glamour” cannot be “dim[med]” even by that terrifying and notorious glamour-dimmer (shudder!), the “brutality” (sic) of the “photo booth”

Leaf through this gallery to view an airbrushed pic of Marilyn, a flaky-looking Virginia Woolf, a scary, zombie-like Janis Joplin, and a waxwork of Whitney.  Whoever finds ‘true glamour’ here should try his/her chances searching for Long John Silver’s pieces of eight.

You’ll be chuckling and giggling all the way, not only at the photos, but, at The Guardian getting all silly and dizzy about funny photos.


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