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Richard Heeps, Sun Times’s ‘Dark Times’, and Sly Samsungites

July 2nd, 2013 No Comments

Richard Heeps and “Man’s Ruin”

“Man’s Ruin” is the rather strange name of Richard Heeps’s photo book and ongoing exhibition in London which pay homage to a near-vanished America of the 50s.  

PhotographyBlog reports that Heeps used manual film cameras (including the now-legendary FM2) and “rare, end-of-line films.”  Be that as it may, it’s the photographs that deserve a look and they’re all available on Heeps’s website!

You can see a youthful jiving bobby-soxer complete with saddle shoes and lace petticoat and a dolled-up roadster, both right out of the 50s.

Heeps also does Americana and here’s a fine contradiction: a young woman with ‘bad girl’ and ‘girly girl’ style and accoutrements!  Americana has always meant souping up your battered old wreck.

This big gallery is both nostalgic, eye-opening, and loads of fun with its many off-the-cuff shots.

Keeping an Eye on the Chicago Sun-Times

About one month back we had blogged about the mass sacking of the entire photography staff of the Chicago Sun-Times as a cost-cutting measure.  In The Expendables, the Threatened Species, the *Pro Photogs!*, we had opined that the Sun-Times “is no longer ‘shooting’ for quality photography; it’s content with sufficient photography; good-enough images.”

That’s exactly what it looks like gauging from a Tumblr blog that DPReview mentioned a few days back.  Sun Times / Dark Times takes it upon itself to show the front page of the Sun-Times every day, juxtaposing it with that of its fellow Chicago newspaper, the Tribune.

It doesn’t look all bad for the Sun-Times but many of their photographs are distinctly ‘amateurish’, flat, and lacking a locus of interest.  Overall it’s clearly shown up by the photographic quality of the Tribune.

Samsung’s Fake DSLR

The difference between the respective image qualities of DSLRs and compacts is one of psychology and not rooted in reality – at least that is what Samsung would have us believe by way of its guerrilla street test which resulted in a commercial.

Tim Barribeau reports on Imaging Resource that some sly Samsungites asked random passers-by to tell them whether they preferred a photo from one of their NX300s or a ‘pro’ DSLR.  What they didn’t say was that the ‘pro’ DSLR was another NX300 all dressed up to look like a DSLR.

Most persons preferred the images of the faux DSLR.  But – as Barribeau points out – the ad is a “final cut.”  How many people told the Samsungites “They’re both the same” or “There’s no difference!”?

Samsung ain’t picking up the phone . . . .


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