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Some Nice Things I’ve Missed

April 15th, 2013 No Comments


Cover of "Some Nice Things I've Missed"

Cover of Some Nice Things I’ve Missed

Some Nice Things I’ve Missed is the title of one of The Chairman of the Board’s lesser known and somewhat under-rated albums; after all, it does have three drop-dead killahs.  This post is not about that album and FAS had nothing to do with photography but we’ll steal the title because it’s oh-so apropos as we look at ocean waves, a ‘hyper-simplified’ camera, and an exhibition of ‘movers and shakers’.


Waves in Satin

We’re used to seeing country streams and little waterfalls as smooth, satinny bands courtesy of long exposures while ‘Big Surf’ ocean waves usually get the 1/2000 treatment.  David Orias has pulled a switcheroo and shot ocean waves using a looong lens and slooow shutter speed.  The photographs have a very “painterly feel” as Orias (correctly) describes them.

Try this: disregard the upper, foamy spume of the wave and look at the lower half of each image only.  You’ll see lines and streaks in similar tones and tints creating a unique sort of abstract image.

Conran’s Hyper-simplification

Would you believe that “the form factor of our cameras hasn’t kept pace with their function”?  That’s what Jared Mankelow of Conran thought as he designed a new type of “hyper-simplified” camera as a challenge.

PetaPixel reports that it is so “hyper-simplified” that it lacks both lens and screen!  How does it work?  The designers think that the photos may as well be viewed on your smartphone or tablet device.

This camera will probably fail to attract serious photographers but the hip, with-it crowd may well flock to it, given its retro yet offbeat look.  Note to Conran: the charcoal grey colour won’t fly; market it in chic neon hues and watch it sell like hot cakes!

Schapiro’s Heroes

That’s the name of an exhibition of portraits of the rich and famous as photographed by Steve Schapiro who has seen his work published in many prestigious magazines.

WWNO has published an interview with Schapiro and a mini-gallery which includes studies of Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Truman Capote and a Karsh-like portrait of Barbra Streisand.

The interview is an interesting and enlightening one as Schapiro explains his M.O. of being “a fly on the wall” while also allowing for “collaboration[s]” with “talented” subjects to create “iconic” portraits.


Did we say “FAS had nothing to do with photography”?  Oops!  Though certainly no photographer, Frank Sinatra was a bit of an enthusiast to the extent that he was ringside, taking photos of a certain bustup back in 1971 in Madison Square Garden between one Muhammad Ali and one Joe Frazier.

Two of Sinatra’s Ali-Frazier photographs were recently up for auction.  Check ’em out here and here!


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