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July 16th, 2013 No Comments


Thank heavens we’re not ‘fanboys’ and thank heavens we don’t do reviews anyway!  DPReview has a short story about bogus online reviews that ‘dis’ one or another product.  These fake reviews are attributed to fanboys gone bad.  This news story is actually based on a bona fide academic study, Deceptive Reviews: The Influential Tail (40 pages) by Eric Anderson and Duncan Simester.  

It’s an open secret that some small-time brands and sellers purchase review writers’ ‘services.’  Anderson and Simester have uncovered a dual reverse phenomenon: some self-appointed reviewers post negative reviews . . . gratis! 

Briefly, the authors began with a set of reviews that were known to be genuine and another set that was known to be fake.  They used syntactic and linguistic analysis over these different sets to determine whether any patterns could be found, and voila!  These findings allow one to infer which review has a good chance of being a fake.

Electoral candidates well know the value of negative advertising during elections.  Clearly, some ‘fanboys’ are learning well from them.


Having written what we have above, we’d better not sound negative about the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Fortunately, all we’re doing is concisely presenting what Daniel Bell has to say on ePHOTOzine about this android gadget.

This 13 MP smartphone camera has Full HD video and goodies like Panorama and HDR modes.  Notably, it has an AMOLED display – a Samsung-LG innovation from last year.

Image quality in all its facets is not something to get too excited about; then again, there’s nothing particularly poor about it.  Bell politely uses the word ‘good’ throughout this part of his review.

It edges the iPhone 5 on one score: high-res panoramas but in portraits it’s “not ideal” – they “aren’t great.”  Bell awards the Galaxy S4 two 3-1/2 stars and two 4 stars in ePHOTOzine’s four essential review criteria. 


Masters of Vision is a British biennale that is due to open next month to “showcase the work of legendary master landscape photographer Joe Cornish and eight other inspirational UK landscape photographers,” reports Photography Blog.

Judging from the images on the website’s main page this exhibition is much about Ethereal Nature.

In truth this gallery is deserving of a full-length post, comprising as it does of some of the finest work of some of the country’s finest photographic artists

Take, for instance, Joe Cornish’s incredibly captured ‘God Beams’ bathing a hilly Northern landscape, making for an image that is quite transfixing.  Or David Baker’s minimalistic study of sky, waves and spume, radiating both beauty and menace.

Come to think of it, with the amazing variety and sheer number of gorgeous photographs in this gallery, why not dedicate a post exclusively to it . . . .

If this Story-Review-Gallery combo doesn’t do it for you, head over to today’s equivalent on our sister blog!


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