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The Good, the Mad, and the Chuckly

January 28th, 2013 No Comments

This post has nothing to do with Spaghetti Westerns starring Clint Eastwood; it’s about a troika of articles on PetaPixel which make up our (near-)weekly set of all that’s quirky and offbeat in Photography News.  This week: The Good, the Mad, and the Chuckly.

The Good

Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes is about the unusual and marvellous art of Russian photographer Andrew Osokin.: photgraphing individual snowflakes.

‘Ethereal’ is the word for captures like this one, straight out of Fairyland.  PetaPixel assures us that no trickery is involved, stating that all images are macro photographs.

You’ve heard this before, now see it for yourself: isn’t the wondrous breadth and diversity in the tiniest aspects of nature breathtaking?  Compare this intricate detailwork to the delicate fragility seen in this snowflake, both crafted by a master lapidary.  Thanks to Osokin for preserving fleeting, ethereal beauty.

The Mad

Is Kerry Skarbakka  mad?  After all, he photographs ‘self portraits’ in the act of . . . falling!  If asking whether Skarbakka is ‘mad’ sounds rude, consider that PetaPixel writes, “. . . you find yourself worrying about Skarbakka health… and sanity” in Photographer Shoots Scary Self-Portraits.

The opening shot shows a man in midair falling off a toppling stepladder!  

Here too little Photoshopping is involved: “His trick is that he uses climbing gear, ropes, and other rigging in order to stop his fall before his body actually makes painful contact with the ground” but “when all else fails, he admits to editing out glimpses of his safety gear during post-processing.”

The man’s talents are not limited to photography and falling, he’s a trick cyclist and apparently he can levitate too.  Let’s say ‘goodbye’ to Skarbakka with this fine suicide shot.

The Chuckly

Trust New York and New Yorkers to do wacko things that would make the rest of us (more normal people, shall we say?) chuckle and giggle.

Evidently the whole business of not-so-well-heeled diners at Noo Yawk’s de luxe establishments taking quickie snapshots of their entrees and then posting the results on Facebook or wherever is totally out of control now.  So much so that several New York restaurants are banning the practice, as reported by PetaPixel in Upscale Restaurants are Starting to ban Food Photography.

That story piggybacks on an NYT story, Restaurants Turn Camera Shy which reports a spokesman as saying, “It’s reached epic proportions. They don’t care how it affects people around them.”  He has a point; such behaviour is unmannerly.  Throw the bums out!


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