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October 23rd, 2012 1 Comment

See the Earth from the Sky . . .

PETA and the SPCA ain’t gonna like this but if you want some nifty ‘birds eye view’ photographs, all you need to do is tie cameras to pigeons!  That’s what was done back in 1907, reports Jamie Condliffe.  

You see, back in those days they didn’t exactly have recon jets, let alone satellites, so a clever German named Neubronner devised this system for aerial military-related photography.  The pigeons were trained for their task and the cameras had a time-based system by which the shutters were released.  A little hit-and-miss, don’t you think?

Check out the article – there’s even a photo of a pigeon with a little camera dangling from its breast!

. . . Now to WW II . . .

Steve Meltzer takes us to the first half of the 1940s in Vintage color photographs from World War II era provoke technical mystery.  These photos are available on a Flickr album.

Anyone who’s interested in Americana will want to view this album – over three million people have already done so.  

Meltzer is quite thrilled with his discovery but also voices his bemusement, given the quality of the photographs, the era they were taken in, and the novice/amateur shooting crews.  

He observes that “action is frozen, the subjects aren’t blurry” and asks “how did the photographers achieve such great color balance?”  My sentiments precisely!  He closes with an invitation: “let me know if you have any insights about them so we can unravel this decades-old photographic mystery together.”

. . . And see the Sky from the Earth

We opened with a story about photographing the earth from the sky and we’ll close with a story about the reverse – photographing the sky from the earth.

Only a few days back someone took a photograph of . . . a UFO!  Looking at the photo, it looks more like the ghost of or an apparition of a UFO.(!)  What seems to make it authentic is the fact that the area was littered with a dozen or so dead birds and affected by “unusual noise.”  

However, the most believable line in the article is also the most party-pooping one: “some observers have dismissed the above photo as a hoax: This is a photo shop job. Completely fake.”

What do you say?


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