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Lenses – Seven, Hundred, Millions!

June 17th, 2013 No Comments

The past few days have seen a spate of news reports and articles about lenses.  Let’s make lenses today’s post’s theme; lenses by number and by major camera brand!

Seven Lenses with Pentax

The term ‘box set’ usually brings to mind CDs – at least of CDs during their heyday, as in ‘Bear Family box set’.  One does not associate photographic equipment with that term.  Pentax, however, wants to change that.  

Photo Rumors reports that the company has announced a limited edition box set that contains the Q7 mirrorless, a couple of filters, and seven ‘kit’ lenses, all neatly packaged in a box that’s a bit different than the standard camera packaging.  The edition is limited to 1000. 

The Photo Rumors page also includes some eye-popping news of a commercial lens-less camera and a Nokia smartphone with a 41 MP camera!

120 Lenses with Canon

Kevin Carter on DxOMark has been comparing lenses as to how they’ll function on an EOS 700D in Best lenses for you (sic) Canon EOS 700D: more than 120 lenses tested! with part 2 looking at more/other lenses

Numerous lenses have been tested as to how they perform on different Canon models and the resultant detailed report on a per-lens basis (such as Sigma 35mm F1.4) has been published.  Choose another model from the choicelist to see how the lens performs with that camera model.

More handily DxOMark has published a chart of tested lenses in order of score thus providing a ranking of sorts.  These charts are available by type of lens – prime, zoom, moderate telephoto.

One fact that pops out is the consistently high ranking and score that Sigma lenses have received coupled with their equally consistently affordable prices.  As Carter writes for one set of lenses, “For the value choice, look no further than the new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM A.”

70 Million Lenses with Nikon

Congratulations are due to Nikon – and if current production and demand are anything to go by, BIG CONGRATULATIONS will be in order in about August 2015.

Mike Tomkins on Imaging Resource reports that it’s been only about a year since Nikon made its 70 millionth Nikkor lens but the company has already passed the landmark of 80 million lenses.  Ten million lenses in just over a year – that’s huge production and massive demand.

Tomkins closes out his report with a sprinkling of spice: “Nikon’s announcement comes hot on the heels of one from arch-rival Canon, which recently turned out its 90 millionth EF-mount lens.”

If he’s alluding to a race to the 100-million mark, the odds are surely with Canon. . . .

Cameras, *Cameras*, CAMERAS!

June 4th, 2013 No Comments

It’s a ‘fast news’ day (a fast f/1.4 day) on the camera front with three new cameras reviewed in the past 24 hours as Sony makes the right kind of ‘noise’ with the world’s teeny-est APS-C mirrorless – with a matching teeny-weeny price.

Cutting Edge from Pentax

First up, though, is Pentax’s double play from a few months back, the K-5 II and K-5 IIS, successors to the K-5.  These get a detailed examination by Shawn Barnett in DPReview.  (The two cameras are only marginally different.)

These DSLRs set themselves apart from the crowd with their weather-resistance, 100-percent coverage optical viewfinder, and shake-reduction image stabilzation.  Having an APS-C CMOS sensor, these are not full-frame DSLRs but compete with the big boys.

The K-5 II (and its sibling) has a number of cutting-edge features, perhaps none more so than Composition Adjustment.  This “allows you to actually move the sensor around in the camera to adjust your framing instead of tediously moving the camera on a tripod, show Pentax’s prowess at using digital technology for all it’s worth.”   

DPReview’s write-up has paging that may not be immediately evident so be sure to click on the arrow link or use the choice-list to read the entire review (or whichever sections interest you).

A Big Rig from Fuji

The Fujifilm HS50EXR gets the once over from George Schaub in Shutterbug.  This bridge camera’s standout feature is its 24-1000mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range – a 42x ratio.

Other noteworthy features include customizable settings, multi-swivel LCD screen, and USB and HDMI slots.  

This camera’s image quality is rather uneven.  On the one hand it records very good colour and is excellent at skintones; on the other, noise is manifest even at ISO 200.

This is a chunky camera and so it would suit a photographer with big hands.

A Bargain from Sony

 The Sony NEX-3N is reviewed by Joshua Waller in ePHOTOzine.  And this one’s standout feature is that it probably packs more features per square millimetre than any other camera!

To begin with, this teeny thing (110 x 62 x 34.5 mm) would fit into a child’s pants pocket yet it has, among other things, an APS-C CMOS sensor, 16 megapixels, white balance settings, video mode, and HDMI and USB.  

It also has HDR mode, Panorama mode, and more.  Some specs, such as shutter response and shutter speed range, are right ‘up there’.  What is ‘down there’, however, is this kit’s price, making it one of the best value-for-money propositions around.


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