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Prudery, thy name is FaceBook: The Funny and the Funky

March 6th, 2013 No Comments
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Prudery, thy name is FaceBook.  That is how we, with a chuckle and a chortle, begin our weekly installment of what’s funny and funky in the world of photography, leading off with a one-hour-old post and closing with one that’s three years old.

The Banning of Beauty and . . .

About an hour back Gizmodo reported that FaceBook’s censor board had swung into action and blackened out, ah, some female body parts on showy display on many stretches of Biondi Beach.

Brian Barrett’s “gentle reminder to creative types the world around” is worth quoting: “if you try to put breasts on Facebook—even highly artistic breasts—Facebook will Shut. You. Down.”

The victim was France’s Jeu de Paume museum which got its FaceBook page permanently blocked for a day.

Coming soon: FaceBook’s rating system, from ‘G’ to ‘XXX’, devised in conjunction with America’s Hayes Board and longbearded ecclesiastics from the benighted corners of the world . . . 

—the Beast in All His Glory

One would think that a gallery of pin-sharp up-close photographs of elephant seals in all their ugly glory could only be photographed by a big-name wildlife photographer and published in a deluxe book by the likes of Abrams.

What a surprise, then, to encounter said photographs, including an art photo beaut – make that two beauts – in that plaebian’s paper, the Daily Mail, and shot by a chappie named Justin Hofman.

Here’s one of a face-off, and what’s this – a beached whale?  This is a gallery of excellent wildlife photographs of which quite a few are rather amusing!  Worth a view.

Camera-Maker Arithmetic 13 = 4

To round out today’s offbeat post, here’s an equation for you, one that you shouldn’t show to your arithmetic teacher: 13 = 4.

Let’s qualify that: Western 13 = Asian 4.  You can crack this cryptic code by navigating to a three-year PetaPixel post that’s a funky find.  

Suffice it to say that just like many hotel lifts and elevators lack a ‘Floor 13’ button in Western countries, they lack a ‘Floor 4’ button in some Asian countries.  However, with ‘4’, unlike ’13’, coming so early in the number series, it can be the model or edition of many product series, including cameras – or maybe not!  Read  How Number Superstitious Affect Camera Model Numberings to find out how and why . . . .


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