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Of Quirkiness, Popsicles, and Colour-Blind Film

January 31st, 2013 No Comments

We go off on the wayward, weird path, pointing out quirky happenings in the world of Photography no more than once a week.  Well, there’s so much weird, quirky stuff going on that we just have to follow up The Good, the Mad, and the Chuckly from earlier this week with another post treating you to off-the-wall news from yesterday and today.  Aquarius in his first week must be a joker!

Quirky Cerise

PetaPixel even starts the title of a photo-article with the word ‘quirky’: Quirky Portraits of People Surrounded by Swarms of Hanging Objects.  (See how bad things are getting?)  It features the photographs of Cerise Doucède.

Doucède’s photographs are truly, well, quirky, ranging to weird.  They are also reminiscent of surreal painting.  Perfectly natural portraits of persons are offset by a variety of objects in midair in front of and around the subject.  Some persons are clearly put out by said objects while others find them amusing!  Which are you?

Colour-Blind Film

Aquarius is such a bad influence that even staid BJP makes one of our weird-and-quirky posts!  Once upon a time, King Kodak used to produce and “infrared” film called “Aerochrome” that was “intended for various aerial photographic applications, such as vegetation and forestry surveys,” and similar serious applications.  It had the endearing trait of turning cool greens into popping purples.

Now, Lomography is bringing out their “LomoChrome Purple 400 film” which is neither infrared nor meant for aerial and/or serious applications.  It does retain Aerochrome’s endearing trait of converting greens into magentas and purples, however!  Click the link to see a few sample shots and to access a couple more links if you’re into The Colour Purple.

Popsicle-Stick Cameras

It’s the height of summer and popsicles would be most welcome.  What’s more, we should save the popsicle sticks because you can . . . build a camera out of them.

Maxim Grew used a Polaroid film holder, card stock, duct tape, and aforementioned popsicle sticks to build a working camera!  Grew even demonstrates how well his camera works with a photo or two.  In case you’d like to build one, he freely shares his fabrication process and trade secrets.


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